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What is the trend today?

The trend is clearly for companies to digitise in order to speed up both internal and external business processes. This requires a professional digitisation process to choose the best tool, to reduce costs and not to make mistakes in the process.

Among the 5 tools to be chosen by the company for the digitisation process are the following:

  1. Cloud & DevOps
  2. Blockchain
  3. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  4. Internet of Things (IoT)
  5. Cybersecurity

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We are always at the forefront when it comes to digitalisation, which is why our CEO is in constant training and is currently certified and qualified at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Business Digitalisation.

Therefore we are always uploading quality content in line with the updates of the digitisation tools.

A look at the company's strengths

Our strengths

Each part is fundamental in the digitisation process, that is why we have specialists in all areas, besides advising you in the choice of the best tool to start with, we also make contact with the company that will provide the services, to reduce costs, have guarantees and obtain a reliable service.

Cloud & Devops
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud & Devops

Cloud & devops implementation

Applying Cloud & DevOps implies a double change. On the one hand, a change at the level of services and infrastructure, as it involves the modernisation, transformation or migration of both hardware infrastructures and existing software in the organisation.

On the other hand, an organisational change as the new services linked to the DevOps culture entail a transformation in the organisation and the structure of the teams as key factors such as the way of provisioning and the way of operating in this new environment change.


Advantages of the Blockchain

In order to better understand blockchain technology, it is useful to know what this technology can contribute to the digital transformation of our companies. This technology allows us to achieve a shared truth that we all agree on. Here are the 5 benefits it brings, and how its integration will improve your company's profitability.

  1. Increased speed. The absence of a central authority or intermediaries means that information is available to all network participants in situ. Inherent in the simplification of the data transmission process is greater speed in the management of any information, allowing businesses to act more quickly.
  2. Lower cost. This technology is an inexpensive technology, not only because it reduces process overhead by eliminating intermediaries, but also because it offers the possibility of streamlining processes and communications. The direct link between enterprise systems and devices, through this technology, allows the automation of the execution of processes.
  3. Transparency. An important advantage is that it is more transparent than any other system. It offers a clearer view of the origin of the transactions, moreover, anyone can consult the transactions in the register and even verify them. In this way, total transparency of the system is achieved, and everything is audited in the logbook.
  4. Increased security and trust. Blockchain builds an environment of trust in which the exchange of data is carried out through coded and encrypted operations, thus safeguarding data exchanges and ensuring the security of all those involved. Moreover, the decentralisation of information guarantees its immutability.
  5. Mayor seguridad y confianza. Blockchain construye un entorno de confianza en el que el intercambio de datos se lleva a cabo a través de operaciones codificadas y cifradas, lo que permite salvaguardar los intercambios de datos y garantizar la seguridad de todos los involucrados. Además, la descentralización de la información garantiza su inmutabilidad.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Benefits of AI for business

More time for other tasks

The implementation of AI generates greater profitability for companies, as the use of new technologies creates opportunities for time reduction. Everyday, repetitive tasks such as data uploading are now performed by artificial intelligence, allowing people to spend their time on other types of work.

Competitive advantages

Artificial intelligence is a tool that generates value for the company and positions it in a privileged position. Companies that are at the forefront in relation to technological aspects have a better reputation and can differentiate themselves from the competition.

More efficient information processing

AI seeks to generate algorithms capable of understanding the environment and responding to problems. It does a massive processing of all kinds of data, from written information to audio and images, and with this data it performs an analysis and draws conclusions. Artificial intelligence uses the information it obtained to determine how to perform certain tasks and then execute them.

Increased effectiveness

Artificial intelligence learns quickly from the data it collects and the processes it performs. This makes the tasks it performs increasingly effective.  Process automation helps to reduce errors and increase the number of operations to be performed.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Advantages of iOT

With the Internet of Things, we can monitor, analyse and automate our day-to-day tasks to improve processes and create new business models. Entrepreneurs, particularly management, must learn to interpret detailed metrics related to the behaviour of each customer, as well as each worker and the progress of their business.

  • Process automation
  • Depth metrics
  • More flexible workforces
  • Increased productivity, reduced IT budget
  • Preventive maintenance with M2M communication
  • More optimised data analysis



Ciberseguridad algo más que protección

When a company has a good cybersecurity plan The network is acquiring a number of advantages:

Protects the company from external attacks

Cybercrime has become a business, and attacks on companies are carried out on a daily basis. To a greater or lesser degree, all companies have been cyber-attacked, and most of them are not even aware of it.

Therefore, cyber security must nowadays be a necessary and mandatory part for all types of companies, regardless of their size, as they make use of internet access for some or most of their processes.

Improve operational processes

By creating a centralised security structure, companies can organise their data, which is usually scattered within the company structure.

In addition to protecting data, this organisation of data helps companies' operational processes or actions to be more efficient and agile. Currently, cybersecurity goes hand in hand with business objectives, and intervenes in the entire activity cycle, adding value to each of the steps.

Build trust with customers and suppliers

Nowadays, the network is the channel through which companies communicate with their customers, sell their products and offer their services in the majority of cases. Therefore, the trust of customers and all external agents involved in the company's activities (suppliers, transporters, consultants, etc.) is vital for the company's success.

Having adequate cybersecurity and data protection measures in place allows all these agents to interact with the company in a secure manner, creating a relationship of trust that will enable their loyalty.

More employment options

For IT professionals, cyber security has the advantage of opening up new job opportunities. The demand for cybersecurity specialists is 3.5 times higher than the average for any other IT specialism, which is already higher than the vast majority of professions.

This series of advantages offered by cyber security in the company can be summarised in the fact that cyber security increases confidence in the company, providing added value to the company and its products and services.

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