inbound marketing

the methodology of organic growth and personalised marketing

Engaging your audience through high-level strategies

What is inbound marketing?

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the only marketing methodology that, by investing the same resources every month, allows for anincreasing flow of visits, registrations, commercial opportunities and sales. It is carried out through the creation of specific content combined with the use of different marketing software, which allows lead nurturing strategies, lead scoring, content personalisation, etc.).

All this allows the creation of a business generation machinery that works automatically from the first time a user visits the web until this user becomes a customer when making a purchase. For investment in inbound marketing services to be profitable, a series of circumstances must be met.

What is the trend in inbound marketing?

  • Progressive forms
  • Conversion funnel to conversion cycle
  • Public relations
  • Classification of predictive selling
  • Natural language processing
  • SEO A/B Testing
  • Video marketing
  • Podcast
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Automation
  • Big Data
  • Chat and messaging

Key points to take into consideration

Puntos clave del inbound marketing

The main condition for establishing an Inbound Marketing strategy is that the company is experiencing some of the following problems, obstacles and difficulties:

Difficulty in generating demand
Need to lower the cost of attracting customers
Difficulty in shortening the time of the sales process
Lack of a direct communication channel with the consumer in a B2B2C business model.
Lack of market awareness of the product or service

Case 1

Difficulty in generating demand


Achieve a higher number of quality leads on a monthly basis, i.e. leads that match the buyer persona you want to attract and that, at the same time, are involved in a buying process.


The implementation of a complete inbound marketing project helps to generate demand and boost sales. A complete project includes the following phases and techniques:

  1. Traffic attraction.
  2. Traffic traction through PPC or other outbound techniques (if deemed necessary).
  3. Inboundization (in the case of pre-existing marketing assets).
  4. Conversion.
  5. Recruitment marketing automation.
  6. Inbound sales (in projects where sales forces are involved).


  • An increasing flow of organic traffic month after month.
  • An increasing flow of organic registrations.
  • An immediate flow of records with payment origin.
  • An increasing flow of MQLs (marketing qualified leads).
  • An increasing flow of SQL (sales qualified leads).

In addition, the creation of an incremental organic flow of visits, registrations, MQL and SQL is an asset for the company.

In the past, inbound marketing was seen as a methodology that delivers results in the medium to long term. Today, through inboundisation and traffic traction, the results are immediate.

Case 2

lowering the cost of customer acquisition


Reduce the cost of lead acquisition (CPL) and customer acquisition (CPA).


Inbound marketing is the quickest and most effective way to reduce the cost of attracting new customers in the short term among the techniques that make up inbound marketing.


The results of inbound marketing can be seen immediately. Other inbound marketing techniques have a medium to long term effect.

In the medium and long term, the implementation of a complete inbound project also has an impact on the reduction of customer acquisition costs, as the same monthly investment results in a higher volume of visits, registrations, MQL and SQL month after month.

Case 3

Shortening the sales process


Reduce the time between the first interaction with a lead and the first sale.


Lead marketing automation allows you to build a lead nurturing machine through quality content and semi-automated interactions.


This technique is scalable and allows the following actions to be carried out:

  • Address an unlimited number of leads simultaneously.
  • Improve the efficiency of sales teams by reducing the number of meetings required to close a deal.
  • Contact qualified and informed leads about the brand's product/service thanks to the content offered.

Marketing automation techniques reduce the number of meetings required to make a sale, thanks to lead nurturing and scoring systems:

  • Educate potential customers who are in one of the purchase phases automatically and in a personalised way.
  • Identify their needs in advance.
  • To make them aware of the product thanks to the content offered throughout their purchase process according to their interests.

This system shortens the sales process.

Case 4

Lack of a communication channel with the consumer


Create a direct communication channel with the end consumer, and a database of current and potential end customers.


Open content marketing, i.e. content that can be indexed by search engines, creates an increasing flow of visitors month after month, which makes it possible to build up large, qualified databases. 

Creating and publishing content for the blog, website, YouTube channel or other channels ultimately generates a company-owned audience, a valuable marketing asset.


Having your own channel to attract traffic and leads allows you to carry out the following actions:

  • Redirect traffic to an ecommerce where you can sell directly (then you have to solve the problem of how not to damage the distributor or prescriber channel).
  • Inform users of the nearest distributors.
  • Interact directly with the audience and generate engagement through informative mailings and survey mailings.
  • Having its own customer service channel for current and potential customers that can be managed directly by the company.

Case 5

Lack of knowledge of the product or service


Introduce the product or service to the buyer persona. It is the solution to their problems, but they don't know it.


Content marketing allows you to build a traffic attraction channel to make the benefits of a product or service known specifically to the people that the company considers appropriate.

After getting the visit and knowing the data of these people, it is possible to make them discover the solution and the benefits through automated recruitment marketing. 


Creating a natural discovery process provides the following:

  • Becoming a benchmark in a new market
    If the market is not aware that there is a new solution to a problem, a content channel created through inbound marketing can make it a market reference.

  • Approaching the profiles that matter and building branding
    If the buyer persona, the profile to whom the solution is addressed, does not know the solution, the brand must create content on topics of interest to this profile.
    The topics do not have to be directly related to the company's product or service. People will approach the brand thanks to the answers given by the content and it will be the marketing automation that will be in charge of making the brand's solution known.
    Another advantage of this approach is that answering the buyer persona's questions and doubts through the content generated gives the user a better perception of the company and makes the brand more relevant.
  • Mass evangelisation
    The database generated through organic traffic from a well-crafted content channel is an audience that wants to be informed, educated and is open to discovering the solutions offered by the brand.

What are the advantages of inbound marketing?

Advantages of Inbound marketing

Having the inbound marketing services of a consulting agency such as AS Consultoría Digital offers the following advantages:

Advantages of Inbound Marketing

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