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What is SEO?

The SEO (Search engine optimization) or search engine optimization, is the set of techniques that are concerned with improving the visibility and organic positioning of a website in search engine results lists.

We position your website in the first search places in an organic way so that when a potential client searches for you through the keywords for which your business is positioned, you appear in the first search place and you can attract your client first than you competence.

A clear example

Suppose you have a leather shoe store, we position your website in google under the keyword «leather shoes» then when the customer searches for leather shoes in google your business website will appear first in google allowing your company be your client's first purchase option. 

Differentiation as the main axis of your company

Our strengths

Although SEO handles many variables as a whole, we also understand that there are some that are more important than others. This is why we emphasize our work on those that add more value in the short term to obtain immediate results.

Content writing
Source Code
Keywords Analytics
Website loading speed

The magic of SEO

We make your website amazing

We speed up the loading of your website so that in this way customers do not leave before visiting your page. It is 100% proven that if the web does not load within 3 to 5 seconds the client will not enter your website and the conversion will not be generated, it is very important to take this data into account because if the client does not enter your website all the work done will be in vain.

We create and improve responsive design websites that are friendly with all types of devices, remember that more than 85% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Constant and long-term performance

SEO is a permanent positioning tool

Unlike Google Ads, in SEO the positioning is permanent, once you climb to the first search page in Google you no longer go down from the first page and if your company is positioned in the first search place you will be the first option to your potential customers and you will dethrone the competition.

¿Cuales son las principales variables del SEO?

Si bien hay un inmenso conjunto de variables, las principales son las siguientes

¿Qué son las palabras claves?

Las Palabras Claves son los términos que utilizan los usuarios de Google (o de cualquier otro buscador) cuando hacen una pregunta en el buscador.

Por ende si tu página esta optimizada con palabras claves relacionadas a la búsqueda de tus potenciales clientes, les será más fácil llegar a tu Página Web.

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Community manager

Potencia tus redes sociales y llevalas a un nuevo nivel, crea tu imagen de marca a través de campañas de publicidad y diseños de primer nivel

diseño web

¿Quieres una tienda online? Creamos tu web para que puedas ofrecer tus productos y servicios en línea 24/7

Google Ads

Se la primer opción ante tus potenciales clientes, posiciona tu negocio mediante palabras claves que dirijan a esos clientes a tu negocio

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